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Family Notes

Anna Dorothy Frankenfield

(08/15/1751 - 02/16/1821)

branch.gif (1966 bytes)Simon Frankenfield
Anna Dorothy Frankenfield
Marriage(s)Eva Beutelmann
 1 Conrad Hess on: 06/13/1769
  - George Hess
  - Elizabeth Hess
  - Mary Magdalene Hess
  - Joseph Hess
  - Catharine Elizabeth Hess
  - Margaret Hess
  - Susanna Hess
  - Maria Dorothy Frankenfield
  - Philip Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Heinrich Frankenfield
  - Johan Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Andreas Frankenfield
  - Philip Adam Frankenfield
  - Anna Maria Frankenfield
  - John Leonard Frankenfield
Born:Springfield Township
Burial:Springfield Church Cemetery
Anna Dorothy Frankenfield was born Aug. 15, 1751 in Springfield twp., di ed Feb. 16,1821. and was buried in the Springfield Church Cemetery. On Ju ne 13, 1769 she married Conrad Hess, the oldest son of Nicholas (born 17 23 Brucken, 3ermany died age 76 intestate in 1799 at the home Of his grand daughter EIizabeth Hess Frankenfield. wife of Michael Frankenfield, Sr. bu ried Dec. 11)
and Catharine (youngest daughter of Martin Funk of Montgomery Co. being bo rn 1726 and died 1787) Hess. Conrad and Anna Dorothy were married June 1 3, 1769. Conrad was born Jan. 22. 1746 in Bucks Co., died March 16.18 32 at age 86, and was buried in the Springfield Church Cemetery.

Conrad was a shoemaker, but later took up farming. He was appointed a Just ice of Northampton Co. under the Crown of England on June 9,1752 and serv ed as Prothonotary and Clerk of the Courts of Quarter Session and Oyer a nd T enniner rom 1760 to 1761.

In 1772 he purchased a tract of land(155 1/4 acres) from Arnold Eberha rd in Wassergas, Lower Saucon twp., Northampton Co. at a price of 260 poun ds. In 1785 he was taxed in Lower Saucon twp.(for 180 acres, 3 horses, 2 c attle) and purchased land(158 acres 95 perches) from Abraham Funk near Spr ingtown for 61 pounds. In 1789 he purchased an adjoining tract(107 acr es 99 perches) for 800 pounds. In 1800 he purchased from Peter Seiler anot her piece of land(26 acres 80 perches) for 400 pounds. Conrad's most notab le land transaction was on Aug. 12,1796 when he sold 96 perches to the Spr ingfield Church (both Lutheran and Reformed) for five shillings. He had Pu rchased this land Feb. 12, 1792 from his brother-in-law Philip and Eva, h is wife, Frankenfield.

In 1798 the Federal Tax list shows Conrad as living in Springfield twp. wi th a two story log dwelling house 24' by 24' with a 12' by 10' stone spri ng house worth $350. He owned 150 acres adjoining John Black and Joseph Fi shIer. On his land Ie also had a stone barn 57' by 30', He did not st ay on this land, since in 1807 he uilt a stone house in Springtown, whi ch became known as the "Mansion House". his house was occupied by the He ss family for over four generations.
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