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Anna Maria Frankenfield

(09/05/1753 - 04/10/1835)

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Anna Maria Frankenfield
Marriage(s)Eva Beutelmann
 1 Andrew Overpeck on:
  - Elizabeth Overpeck
  - Magdeline Overpeck
  - Catharine Overpeck
  - Margaret Overpeck
  - Anna Maria Overpeck
  - John Overpeck
  - Philip Jacob Overpeck
  - Abraham Overpeck
  - Susanna Overpeck
  - John George Overpeck
  - Nancy Overpeck
  - Sarah Overpeck
  - Maria Dorothy Frankenfield
  - Philip Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Heinrich Frankenfield
  - Johan Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Andreas Frankenfield
  - Philip Adam Frankenfield
  - Anna Dorothy Frankenfield
  - John Leonard Frankenfield
Born:Springfield Township
Place:Trinity Union Church, Springfield
Sponsors:Elias and Anna Maria Beutelmann
Burial:Springfield Church
Anna Maria Frankenfield was born Sept. 5,1753 in Springfield twp. and di ed Apr. 10,1835 Springfield twp. She was baptized Oct. 14,1753 at Trini ty Union Church, ipringfield, and her sponsors were Elias and Anna Malia B eutelmann. She anied Andrew Overpeck, who was born Aug. 15, 1743 Gennanya nd died ec.15, 1828. Andrew was taxed in Springfield twp. in 1778. On Fe b. 8, 1786 ley were sponsors for the baptism of Samuel Frankenfield (a s on of Adam). 'hey are both bulied at the Springfield Church. They both di ed intestate (her estate Bucks Co. file #6884 and his Bucks Ca. file #598 6). On Feb. 9,1829 an Orphan court record in Bucks County showed that Andr ew deceased was of )pringfield twp. That recom lists his wife as Maty a nd names 11 children and shows that he owned 150 acres. In 1830 Andrew's e state was valued at $8,511.53. A Mar. 5,1836 deed (recorded Bucks Co. de ed oook 66 pp.651-3) :ontains the names of their eleven children and the s ale of twO traas of land (33 :res touching land of Samuel Frankenfield a nd an adjoining piece of 12 acres) Ind mansion house in Springfield twp. L and was located on road to Flint Hil' ich lies on the border of Northampt on and Bucks Counties). 'n 1798 the Federal Tax Ust shows an Andrew OVerpe ck, Sr. with 175 acres and r1 Andrew OVerpeck, Jr. With 121 acres of lan d. One of these men should be the ndrew of this article, but it would be d ifficult to say which one. It is apparent that eyare not father and son, b ut a younger and older Andrews (maybe cousins). Indrew was a blacksmith fr om Forks twp., Northampton Co. He was the son of :Johannes) George Overpe ck {born Mar. 3, 1715 Hesse Dormst.adt. Gernlany died lug. 15,1798 buri ed Nockamixon Church) and first wife Margaret (born May 9, 718 Germany di ed Sept. 12, 1760 BuCks Co.). George arrived in America on the lip "Johns on" on Sept. 18, 1732 with his parents, Andrew (died 1765) and :Iizabe th Drach Overpeck, who came from Dannstadt, Gennany and were early settle rs (before 1760) of Springfield twp.

4ndrew selVed in the Revolutionary War under Capt. Christopher Wlgmel's C o. is listed several times in the published Pennsylvania Archives 5th Seri es vol. 8. 1is volume shows that: he was in the 2nd class of the 2nd batta lion Northampton )unty Militia under Capt. Jacob Buss, a group in which Le onard Frankenfield also Ned (p. 142); he had a substitute (p. 169); he ser ved in the 2nd class 1st Impany 2nd battalion Northampton County Milit ia in 1782 (p. 200); he served in Ie 2nd class 2nd battalion Northampton C o. Militia under Col. Roup and Capt. Jacob Buss (p. 211); and he serv ed as a 1st Lt. under Capt. William Roup in the st company 5th battalion N orthampton Co. Militia (p.369).
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