Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes

Published: The Descendants of George Steckel and Mary Raub. Now available on for $49.95 in hardcover and $35.00 in softcover. Updated in February 2013.

Hardcover - $49.95
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Softcover - $35.00
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The book also includes the Peter Raub genealogy (Mary Raub's Grandfather) a small section of the Jacob Philip Steckel family of Bucks County, a small section on Peter Steckel of Lehigh County and Anthony Stackel of Lower Saucon Township.

The book contains information on the first person to receive a gambling license in Las Vegas, a member of the Philadelphia Yellowjackets, a precursor to today's Philadelphia Eagles, as well as one of the influentual people to get prostitution legalized in Nevada.

Kay Ervine is working on updating the Brotzman family book, it has taken her many years to research and she is still working on gathering information. I have done some research for her and published a book on my branch of the Brotzman's. This is available on in paperback. This is only for Jacob Heinrich Brotzman branch of Northampton County. It's only a subset of Kay's research, but if you are looking for information on the family, it's a good place to start, until she can get her book ready. (Also available in e-book format)

Frankenfield Family in America Beginning August 24, 1749

The Frankenfield Reunion has plenty of copies of Alfreda Patton Davidson's Frankenfield Family in America. Order form can be found here.

Frankenfield Updates and Correction:
I'm currently working on the updates and corrections to Alfreda Patton Davidson's 2000 edition of the Frankenfield Family in America Beginning 1749, for the Frankenfield Reunion.

As it currently looks the book will be released in volumes starting in 2016. I have found a lot of information not contained in the book. It will not contain Alfreda's original research, it's only corrections and additions to her work.

If you have questions, corrections or addtions to the current book please send them to me. It's Kevenfield at gmail dot com.

New Book:
Frankenfield Family in America: Updates and Additions Volume 1 Volume I of Updates and Additions to Frankenfield Family in America Beginning 1749 by Alfreda Patton Davidson. The descendants of Philip Frankenfield and Maria Eva Mills first two daughters, Eva Rosina Frankenfield (wife of George Henry Unangst) and Anna Marie Frankenfield (Wife of John Adam Heckman).
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