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Family Notes

Isaac Frankenfield

(08/00/1794 - )

branch.gif (1966 bytes)Philip Adam Frankenfield
Isaac Frankenfield
Marriage(s)Elizabeth Strawsynder
 1 Elizabeth Horn on:
  - Henry Howard Frankenfield
  - Daniel H. Frankenfield
  - Elminda Frankenfield
  - Sarah Ann Frankenfield
  - Mary Frankenfield
  - Eve Frankenfield Frankenfield
  - John Frankenfield
  - Anna Margaret Frankenfield
  - Samuel A Frankenfield
  - Susanna Frankenfield
  - Elizabeth B Frankenfield
  - Susanna Frankenfield
  - Simon Frankenfield
  - Maria Christina Frankenfield
  1/2 Abraham Frankenfield
  1/2 Catherine Frankenfield
  1/2 Heinrich F Frankenfield
  1/2 Michael Frankenfield
  1/2 Leonard Frankenfield
  1/2 John Philip Jacob Frankenfield
  1/2 John Isaac Frankenfield
  1/2 Philip Adam Frankenfield
He was weak minded and went astray at age 35 in 1829 and/or he could not l ive agreeably with his father's third wife, so he left the premise s. It is also of interest to note that his father does not list him in h is 1803 orphan court record of the children of Elizabeth Strawsnider. The re is an Isaac Frankinfield, according to the 1850 census, born 1812 in Ge rmany with his apparent children living in the 2nd district of Kent Co., M D. There is no wife mentioned in the census record. It would appear from t he census that they arrived about 1840, since the first three children we re listed as born in Germany and the last two in NY. However, other record s, such as Civil War Pensions, for the two male children show that they we re born in Maryland. There is also mention of a Jacob Frankenfield bo rn in Kentucky as the father of the same children. In the 1880 census Hen ry states that his father was born in KY and his mother in PA. Howeve r, in 1854, there is an Isaac Frankenfield in Bucks Co., who has an orph an court record and he leaves four children. This record would se em to be for the same family, as the one supposedly born in Germany accord ing to the 1850 census. Hence, one could only conclude that they also desc end from Simon. The mother of the children (or wife of Isaac) was Elizabe th Horn, daughter of Daniel Horn. The children were also heirs of Micha el Diehl. These records are also shown in Bucks Co. Miscellaneous books ( 12 p. 11; 13 p. 203; and 14 p. 28). The above-mentioned records have be en placed together, as the children were all born after Isaac left hom e. It may be that there is a missing generation, but this is the most logi cal location for this family
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