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Johann Heinrich Frankenfield

(03/19/1740 - 07/04/1820)

branch.gif (1966 bytes)Simon Frankenfield
Johann Heinrich Frankenfield
Marriage(s)Eva Beutelmann
 1 Barbara Ann Heinrich on: 11/04/1760
  - Margaret Frankenfield
  - Magdalena Frankenfield
  - Frederick Frankenfield
  - Thomas Frankenfield
  - Henry Frankenfield
  - Adam Frankenfield
  - Elizabeth Barbara Frankenfield
  - Lorentz Frankenfield
  - Saloma Frankenfield
  - Catherine Frankenfield
  - Philip Frankenfield
  - Maria Dorothy Frankenfield
  - Philip Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Peter Frankenfield
  - Johan Peter Frankenfield
  - Johann Andreas Frankenfield
  - Philip Adam Frankenfield
  - Anna Dorothy Frankenfield
  - Anna Maria Frankenfield
  - John Leonard Frankenfield
Place:Protestant Church Strinz-Trinitatis (Limbach)
Sponsors:Phipps Henrich (missing), Joh(ann) (Missing) of Ober-Zelters
Henry Frankenfield, Tinicum Twp.
November 23, 1819. Proved July 4, 1820.
Son Adam and son-in-law John Barnet exrs.
Daughters. Margareth, Modlen and Catharine.
Grandchildren. Margaret Wilson of Easton, formerly McElroy; Abraham Wyler;
son Frederick's Children:. Juliana and Lovine;
son Philip's Children:. Lewis, Sally, Frayne, Andrew and an infant;
sons, Henry and Adam.
Wits: Frederick Kelp and Samuel G. Bailey.

John Henry (from the German Hans Heinrich, but usually referred to as Henry) Frankenfield was born March 19, 1740(or possibly 1739) in Nassau. Germany and died 1820 Tinicum Twp. (will Bucks Co. book 9 p. 407 . Written Nov. 23, 1819 proved July 4, 1820). He married Nov. 4,1760 at Keller's Church to Barbara nee Heinrich (or Henry), daughter of John Heinrich. John Henry was a private in the Nockamixon Associates in 1775. He served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Man's(or Manus) Yost company under Col. John Keller Oct. 14, 1781 PA Archives Fifth Series Vol. V p.432). He also served as private in Capt. Jacob hoop's ( or Shoupe's) Second company Third Battalion Bucks Co. Militia (PA archives Fifth Series Vol. V p. 394). He was mustered into service at Durham On June 6,1778, and he gave allegiance to America before Thomas Long on June 8, 1778. when he was listed as being in Tinicum Twp.

Revolutionary War records at the Pennsylvania Archives show there records of active duty. Two cards show him in Bucks Co. in the third Battalion 2nd company under Capt. Jacob Shoupe on an Oct. 5, 1781 class roll. O e says marched and the other exd(excused?). The other record is for Bucks Co., 2nd Battalion, 4th company on Oct. 22, 1781. It states that he did not perform tour of duty, excused, delinquent return and that there was a muster fine of 10.10.0 )Pounds. His name appears as Henry on the tax lists for Bucks Co. He was living in Nockamixon Twp. when taxed in 1778 ,1779 (for 100 acres, 3 horses. 3 cattle); 1781(for 100 acres, 3 horse s, 4 cattle); 1782 (for 100 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle); 1783; 1784 (for 1 00 acres with 2 dwellings, 1 out house and 12 inhabitants); 1785 >n 100 ac res, 4 horses, 2 cattle); 1786 and 1787.

He was confirmed Dec. 3. 1752 at the Springfield Church. He founded t he Lutheran Church at Nockamixon (or St. Luke's Lutheran Church at Ferndale), was art of their governing body. and was a member there as early as 1761. His name appears on their records in 1764 Including a deed), 1766 (Including a list of members dated Oct. 25),1767,1770,1773,1774,1780,1781,1782 ,1790, and )3. Three of his children were baptized there. On the 1790 census he is listed having a family of 1 male under age 16, 3 males over age 16, and 5 females. He owned 136 acres of land in Nockamixon Twp., which he purchased it. 16, 1775 and sold to Christian Trauger on Apr. 12.17 90 (Bucks Co. deed book 25 P.362).
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